Explore the remarkable Elchparks in Sweden

01 november 2023 Lisa Siebke


Sweden is renowned for its wild nature and breathtaking landscapes. Yet its beauty extends beyond majestic forests and mountains, including a unique sight that can only be found in Sweden. That is the magnificent moose, or as they call it in Swedish, elch. And there is no better place to witness this awe-inspiring creature than in one of the many elchparks in Sweden. In this article, we will delve into some of the best parks where you can encounter the mighty moose, an animal experience you will never forget.

Markaryd Elchpark

Located in Småland, the Markaryd Elchpark offers an up-close encounter with moose. Spanning approximately 30 hectares, this park is home to no less than 15 moose. It is one of the largest parks in Sweden, allowing you to observe almost every stage of the moose’s life, from calves to fully-grown adults. The journey through the park takes place on a guided tour in a carriage, where you can witness the different areas where the animals live and spend their time. The natural habitat and forested areas make the experience even more authentic.

Orsa Predator Park and Elchpark

Located in Dalarna, the Orsa Predator Park and Elchpark is both a predator park and an elchpark. Encompassing 325 hectares, it houses around 300 animals, including predators and moose. Here, you have a unique opportunity to observe how moose coexist with other wild animals in a safe environment. In this park, you can also feed the moose with your own hands and even take a walk with these gentle creatures. After this experience, your photo album will be filled with a multitude of memories and unforgettable encounters.

elchpark in Sweden

Öster-Malma Elchpark

Located in the county of Södermanland, this park is one of the oldest elchparks in Sweden. It was founded in 1927 by the Moose Club, making this place truly special. Although the park is small, covering an area of 25 hectares, it still houses up to 13 moose. The journey through the park is unguided, allowing you to wander through the forest to observe the moose and their habits in their natural environment.

Laganland Moose Park

Last but not least, Laganland Moose Park. Situated in Småland, it features seven authentic forest areas where you can observe the wild and incredibly charming moose. The tour takes place on a guided carriage ride, where your own moose enthusiast will enlighten you about the animals and the wild forests they inhabit. During winter, you can try something truly unique called ”a moose forest walk on skis”. One of the highlights the park offers is the chance to ride a tractor, enabling you to feed these majestic moose an apple directly from your hand.

We highly recommend Laganland Moose Park as one of the best in Sweden. Visit their website at for more information on what they offer and book your next trip to Sweden today: https://laganland.se/de/elchpark/ 

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